What’s in My Makeup Bag?

Hello everyone!  I am back with an entry and a collaboration with my friend Annie from Hungary. ^_^

We have decided to blog about the makeup products and tools that we bring in school (yeap, we’re both students but not classmates). 😉  So here’s what my school makeup bag  (the cat pouch) looks like:


I will break the products down into the following categories: Face, Eyes, and Lips.  Here are the products and tools that I put inside my cute cat pouch:


Maybelline New York – Clear Smooth Original Pressed Powder in 02 Nude Beige (the circular green product in the picture).

NYX Cosmetics – Wonder Pencil in 01 Light

Benefit CosmeticsRockateur powder blush

Marionnaud – a travel sized powder brush (but I also use this to apply my blush).


The Face Shop – Designing Eyebrow Pencil in 03 Brown (it has a spoolie on the other side)

K-Palette – 1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyeliner 24H in Super Black

L’Oréal Paris –  False Lash Butterfly Waterproof Mascara

The Face Shop – Eyelash Curler (it’s from the said brand even though it has no obvious engraved “The Face Shop”).


Happy Skin x LoveMarie –  Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Matte Lip Liner in First Date

The Balm – Meet Matt(e) Hughes in Charming (travel size/holiday edition)

NYX Cosmetics – Butter Gloss in Apple Strudel BLG08

Vaseline – Lip Therapy Advanced Healing

Happy Skin x LoveMarie – Shut Up & Kiss Me Mini Matte Lippie in All Heart.


The mentioned products are the things that I consider as travel friendly ones, retouch basics, and extra products that I think I can use whenever I want to change my makeup look for the day (because sometimes I go somewhere else after my class).  There are times when I don’t use everything that I bring, but for me, it’s better to be prepared than to be sorry. ^_^

Here’s how my pouch looks like when I carry it with me to retouch. ^_^


Please visit Annie’s blog: click here to see what’s inside her makeup bag too! 🙂

Thank you for reading!  Have a great day!  😉



IMWY Favorite Face Makeup Products from 2016

Hello there!  Welcome to my blog! 🙂


I am back with another “IMWY Favorite” entry  – it is all about the face makeup products that I fell in love with (from 2016) and of some that have stood out from the other products that I have used all year round.  😉  Without further ado, here are the products:







BB Cream:

  •  InnisfreeWater Glow Cushion BB Cream in 23 (True Beige)


 I have used 3 BB creams last year and this one became my favorite.  It gives a dewy finish and makes my skin look flawless on camera (when I take selfies).  It gives a light to medium coverage, depending on how many layers you put of course.  It can cover minor redness and blemishes too!

CC Cream:

  •  Cathy Doll — CC Cream Speed White with SPF 50+  PA+++


Yeap, this is not in the picture because I already threw out the sachet before I thought of creating this blog entry.  This product is available in two forms: sachet and the press tube product.  I have decided to buy the sachet version first because I have no idea if this product is good. Surprisingly it was!!!  This product also gives a dewy finish and gives a natural, fresh, and flawless look.  However, I find that the coverage it can give is light, but I do not find it as a problem because I just used this as a base and I still conceal some areas and set my face with a powder.  I can’t wait to repurchase this!


 L’Oreal ParisTrue Match Genius in G2 Golden Porcelain

For more details, click here.



  •  Human Nature — Perfect Finish Mineral Loose Powder in Warm Mocha

For more details, click here.


  • Detail MakeoverMineral Pressed Powder in Natural


Product Claims:  Oil Control and mattifying.

I bought this product because I was in need of a good under-eye setting powder.  Although, this powder is for the whole face, I only use this to set my concealer and some areas that I want to be matte.  Why?  I have a dry-sensitive skin so if I use this on my whole face, it will just emphasize the dryness even more.  Surprisingly, I have loved this product since the first time I started using this.  As of now, it’s rainy in the Philippines so it doesn’t smudge nor budge while I am out of the house.  I just hope that when I use this in summer, it will still have an excellent staying power.  😉



  • InnisfreeMineral Perfect Concealer in 02 Natural Beige

I have used four concealers last year and this stood out from the others.  This product gives a good coverage for minor redness, and light to medium under-eye dark circles.



  • Benefit CosmeticsWatt’s Up! (Travel/mini version)

I like this because it gives a natural looking glow on my skin (as I have mentioned earlier, I have dry-sensitive skin so this really helps to make my skin look more radiant).  It is best paired with a dewy finish base (if you also have my skin type).



  • Benefit CosmeticsRockateur Blusher (Travel/mini version)

I like this because a little goes a long way.  I don’t need to crazily dip and re-dip my blush brush to get and layer the product on my cheeks.


As for face primers and contour products,  I wasn’t able to have favorites. That’s all!

How about you?  What are your favorite face makeup products from last year?  Feel free to leave a comment below.  I’d be happy to hear anything from you! 😉

Have a great day!!!  🙂






PS:  Just to be clear, the makeup brushes in the picture are not included as my Face Makeup Favorites.  There are just there for decorative purposes only (you know, so the picture won’t look too boring). Hahaha!  But I love the Ecotools blush brush!  😉

IMWY’s Favorite Eye Makeup Products from 2016


It’s been two weeks since 2017 has started… HAPPY NEW YEAR my dear readers!!! ^_^


I am back with another “IMWY Favorite” entry which is all about the eye makeup products that I fell in love with and of some that have stood out from the other products that I have used all year round.  😉  Without further ado, here are the products:







Eyeshadow Palette:


  1.  Urban Decay:  Naked 2 Basics – my most used shade is Frisk, followed by Stark, and Cover.

This is my first Urban Decay eyeshadow palette and I am really amazed on how well pigmented the eyeshadows are.  Before, I thought that maybe it was just a hype or something when one owns an Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palette but no!  It is quite pricey but HOOOOMAYGASSSSSH it’s worth buying (cries happily and crazily)!  Can’t wait to try another one from UD! ^_^ 


Eyebrow Products:

  1.  Tony Moly: Easy Touch Coloring Browcara – I have used 4 eyebrow mascaras for 2016 and this one is my favorite.
  2.  Tony Moly: 7 Days Tatoo Eyebrow I have used two eyebrow pencils and this pen for 2016; surprisingly this became my favorite even though I do not use this on a regular basis.  I prefer the longevity power of this product than the two eyebrow pencils.




For 2016, I was able to use more than 7 mascaras (I lost count), varying from waterproof to non-waterproof, volumizing to lengthening, and even a combination of the mentioned types!  There were hits and misses but these two became my ultimate favorites! 😉



  1.  L’Oreal Paris: Miss Manga False Lash Mascara in Waterproof – Click here.

2.  BYS Mascara in 03 Volume & Lengthening – This is not a waterproof mascara but this became my favorite because it lasts long on the eyelashes even after more than 8 hours and even when I was sweating.  I didn’t experience any terrible smudges all through out the day.

  • This affordable mascara is ideal for everyday use.  On the other hand, it gives more volume than length on my lashes… How I wish that it could give more length than volume, but still,  I love  to use this when I am not in the mood to wear a waterproof mascara.




There are no eyeliners on the featured picture (I know) but these are my favorites and here’s a photo from my IG account. 😉




  1.  L’Oreal Paris:  Gel Intenza 36H Eyeliner in 01 Profound Black – I love how creamy this product is.  I love using this on my eyelids and to tightline as well.
  2.  Maybelline New York:  Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in 02 Brown – I love how the shimmers work well with this shade; it’s perfect for an everyday or soft eyeliner look.


Eye pencils:

  1.  Etude House: Play 101 Pencil in #42 – I love using this as an eyeshadow primer and to contour the sides of my nose.
  2.  NYX Cosmetics: Wonder Pencil in 01 Light – This product has suggested three ways on how to use this. But… I prefer using this as an eyeshadow primer and to clean any eyebrow and/or lip product mistakes.

How about you?  What are your favorite eye makeup products from last year?  Feel free to leave a comment below.  I’d be happy to hear anything from you! 😉

Have a great day!!!  🙂





IMWY’S 2016 Favorite Lippies

Today is the last day of 2016!


It is now December 31 and it’s already evening here in the Philippines; I want to use this night to share with you my favorite lip products, some of those that I have been using for this year. 😀

There are some of these products that I was able to blog about here and some pictures are posted in my IG account. While the few left are soon to be shared and posted.  ^_^


I. Lip Care

  • Tony Moly: Kiss Kiss Lip Scrub – Click here for the review.

II. Lip liners

We all know that lip liners are used to define the lips and even to fill them in. I don’t always use them; but when I do, I think it’s because I’ll be attending a special event or occasion, or when I have the extra time to do so, or maybe when I feel like doing so. LOL XD  But on an everyday basis – NO.

  1. Happy SkinxLove Marie: Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Matte Lip Liner in First Date – It is a light pinkish brown lip liner.  Sometimes, I like pairing this with Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Sultry.
  2. Flormar: Waterproof Lipliner in No. 219 – Click here for more details.  Sometimes I pair this with any light pink lipstick that I own.

III.  Balms

My favorite ones are not the kind of balms that you may think of. I mean it’s not the colorless ones that help in healing and/or moisturizing the lips.  They are lipsticks but have the balm like consistency with a twist.

  1. Revlon: Colorburst Matte Balm in Sultry (225) – This is my most used lip product for this year.  It is almost empty.  Click here for the review.
  2. Revlon: Colorburst Balm Stain in Romantic (o45) – I like using this when I am going for a soft-Korean makeup inspired look.  The stain power of this balm is amazing!

IV.  Lip and Cheek Tint

I  love to take my time when doing my makeup (on the days I know that I will be going out of the house); so I only use this lip and cheek tint when I have to suddenly go out and have no extra time to do my makeup.

  1. Careline in Berry Red – I like how it gives a fresh look on the cheeks and lips.


V. Lipsticks

This is the part on which I have different colors and finishes but all of them are long-wearing types.


  1. Mac Cosmetics: Rebel (A85) – This lipstick has a satin finish. Click here for more details.
  2. Colourette by Fairness & Flawless: Colourstick in Sahara – This is a creamy matte lipstick, the one in the picture with black packaging, below NYX Butter Gloss. Click here for more details.
  3. Me Now Pro: Powdery Matte Kissproof Soft Lipstick in 005 – I like using this as an everyday lippie or when paired with a bold eyeliner.
  4. Detail Makeover: Matte in Detail in Zenaida (D12)  – This is an intensely dark red matte liquid lipstick.  I love how this lipstick makes my teeth appear more whiter than usual.

VI.  Lip glosses

I use lip glosses when I just want to touch up during the day.  I mean when I am out, I usually wear long lasting lipsticks and instead of using the same kind of lipstick when I do my retouching, I just add some gloss on top of it (as long as the lipstick still looks fine).  Here are my two favorites for this year:

  1. NYX Cosmetics: Butter Gloss in Apple Strudel (BLG08) – I like using only a small amount of this product on my lips, or else it would feel too buttery.
  2. Benefit Cosmetics: Sugarbomb Ultra Plush Lip Gloss – Click here for more details.


There you have it! How about you?  What are your favorite lippies for 2016?  You can share it in the comment box below.  I’d be happy to hear your thoughts!  Advanced Happy New Year my dear readers!!!  ^_^



Tony Moly Kiss Kiss Lip Scrub Review by IMWY

Disclaimer:  This review and the statements below are from my true personal experiences and observations while using this product.  This post is not sponsored nor was I paid to write this.  Any other statements are my suggestions to others who might be interested in using or buying this product.

Happy holidays to you my readers!  I hope that you’re having a great time with your loved ones and that you’re feeling well.  As for me, some parts of my skin are still recovering from adult chickenpox, while some scabs have already healed.  >_<   Having said so, I wasn’t able to access my blog  right away after my school vacation and even before Christmas to post more reviews and hauls.  But I am back now, and this will be a short review.  😉

Rating Guidelines:

1 as Meeeeh! (Dislike/Hate)

2 as Like it!

3 as Love it!



As you can see from the picture above, the packaging is shaped similarly to a person’s lips.  You have to twist it to open and once having done so, you will see that there is a small plastic circular lid (to protect the product from spilling) before you can actually see the product itself.  The product is a white creamy lotion like with soft orange beads.  The beads do not look orange in the picture (I know)  but it is up close.

What I like:

  • Effectively removes dead flakes and even dried lipstick residues on the lips.
  • Leaves the lips feeling soft and moisturized.
  • It is affordable, this costs 298.00 pesos.
  • It doesn’t have a waxy-plastic smell.
  • It doesn’t have a weird nor chemical taste on the lips.

What I am neutral about:

  • I find it unhygienic since you have to dip your finger on this on every use.  But since I own a mini spatula, then it’s not a big deal for me anymore.

What I dislike:

  • It has no English instructions on how to use it. I had to try it on my own and then search for it online just to check if I am doing it right (scrub with your finger and rinse with lukewarm water).
  • I find it to be bulky.
  • It is not travel friendly in the sense that it can own a lot of space in your makeup bag.





Rating 3

I hope that this review has helped you.  Thank you so much for reading!  Enjoy the holidays!  ^_^




Tony Moly 2016 Haul and Short Review by IMWY (Updated)

Disclaimer:  The statements below are from my true personal experiences and observations while using the products.  This post is not sponsored nor was I paid to share this haul.  Any other statements are my suggestions to others who might be interested in using or buying the mentioned products.
Hello there!!!  How are you?   I hope that you’re doing great!  ^_^


It honestly took so long before I was able to share this haul.  I bought these products last mid-September.  I almost forgot to make a post about these until I discovered the pictures of this Tony Moly products when I was browsing my phone’s camera album.  >_<

Anyway,  I am going to keep this as simple as possible. No extra pictures; more on thoughts and experiences while using them. Here are the six things I bought from the mentioned Korean makeup line.  I was able to use almost all of them before posting it right away here in WordPress.


Rating Guide:

1 as Meeeeh! (Dislike/Hate)

2 as Like it!

3 as Love it!


 1.  Pureness 100 Hyaluronic Acid Mask Sheet (Hydrating)


For reference, I have dry-sensitive skin.    It made my skin feel soft and moisturized.  However, while I was letting this product work on my face, I felt little stings.  Until now, I don’t know what it meant: if it’s a possible allergic reaction or just the product doing wonders on my skin.  There were no red marks nor rashes when I removed the mask, just the weird stinging feeling (that is why I still find it to be an okay product).

Will I repurchase?  Yes, I am willing to.  🙂

I give this a rating of 2.

2.  I’m Real Tea Tree Mask Sheet Skin Soothing

I give this a rating of 1.  There was a light stinging feeling when I used this and as few more minutes passed, my face started to feel itchy.  I didn’t finish the recommended time to let this sink in on my face; I immediately removed it because I got scared that I might see something unpleasant afterwards.  Surprisingly, there were no rashes nor red marks from the itchy feeling and my face looked bright and no longer dull.  However,  I have no interest in repurchasing this product.  >_<

3.  Egg Pore Nose Pack

As you can see from the picture above, I bought two pieces.  I will give a more detailed review about this soon!  Please bear with me, I haven’t compiled the necessary pictures for this yet.  Arggghhhh!  The struggle to maintain a blog while studying and living one’s life is real!!!! XD 

4.  Kiss Kiss Lip Scrub

Click here for the review!  😉


 5.  7 Days Tatoo Eyebrow

Yes, you read that right.  Tony Moly spells it with only one letter “t”.  It’s my first time to try an eyebrow pen that claims to last for “7 days”.  For reference, my eyebrow hairs are semi-thick.  I do not use and didn’t use this product to fill in my brows (because of my eyebrow hair type).  I occasionally use this for defining the shape of my eyebrows, mostly on the lower parts.

This is water resistant but not waterproof. Is this sweat-proof?  Yes, but when one moderately sweats.  Does this really last for 7 days? Well… no. It doesn’t stand up to its claim.  With my experience, it can last for a day but can look faded in the end; or it disappears into “nothingness” sometimes.

I’d still give this a rating of 3.  It’s an affordable product but it’s more suited for those who have more sparse and thin brows (I recommend this to them).  Honestly,  I am not sure if I am going to repurchase this since this is a product that I do not use on an everyday basis; only when I have more time to show plenty of love with my brows by defining them more.

PS:  Be careful when using this product, being heavy handed may give you a very dark pigmentation, making it look like you used a permanent marker on your eyebrows. 😉


6.  Easy Touch Coloring Browcara

This is my second time buying this eyebrow mascara.  I enjoy using this product and I love the wand applicator.  There’s something about it that helps to color my semi-thick eyebrows better.  As for the pigmentation, it is quite dry (not heavily nor crazily pigmented, just enough to do the work) which can be good since you can layer the product on to get better results.  You can consider it bad when you are not fond of layering, and you just want to be done with just one to two swipes.  I prefer the layering type, I honestly do not mind since this was the only eyebrow product that I used on an everyday basis and sometimes paired with the 7 Days Tatoo Eyebrow pen.  I loved using this product alone.

Is it long lasting?  Sometimes yes, given that you won’t sweat a lot and it can still look well even after 8 hours.  Sometimes it may look faded on the eyebrows after a long day. It really depends. >_<

I rate it as 2.5, an in between of the 2 and 3.  It is my first time to give such rating to all of the products that I have been reviewing so far because there are times that I love this and there are times that I consider this as an “okay” product. Bottom line is… I do not hate this product and I am willing to repurchase this again in the future.




There you have it!  Feel free to ask any questions by leaving a comment below.  I hope this post was helpful.

Thank you so much for reading!  Have a great day!  ^_^




Selfie Café PH Review by IMWY

Disclaimer:  This review and the statements below are from true personal experiences and observations while eating and drinking in this cafe.  This post is not sponsored nor was I paid to do this review—any other statements are suggestions and guidelines.  Moreover, all photos are mine. 


Happy Halloween everyone! ^_^

I am back with an entry about a café experience.  😉


Having your selfie printed on top of a drink and/or a dessert? Yes, it is possible! That is what the Selfie Café can offer. It has a special machine on which they use to print your selected selfie.  The edible printed selfie is whip cream.


The catch?  Well, there’s an additional 20.00 Php fee for having your selfie printed, but you can order drinks and desserts too just the way they are.


The Selfie Café provides a cellphone for the customers who can take a selfie to be printed on their drinks or dessert.  Customers can also take a picture using their own cellphones and just share it to the café’s cellphone.  The last option is that customers can choose to send any of their old or favorite photos from their phone.


Date of  our visit: September 24, 2016


Rating Guide:

1 as Meeeeh! (Dislike/Hate)

2 as Like it!

3 as Love it!


Here are the desserts and drink that we have tried and tasted with their respective taste ratings:






  1. Banana Caramel Selfie Signature Freeze


We ordered the said drink in a “groufie” which is equivalent to 16 oz.  As mentioned above, we paid an additional 20.00 PHP so that they can print our selfie on top of this drink.  We have decided to order this because JC likes bananas in general, while I love caramel flavors. 


Price (as of this writing/blog post):  165.00 PHP + 20.00 PHP

Rating:  We were excited to taste the drink since it’s a combination of our favorites. But then, it was disappointing.  We couldn’t taste the banana; it was more of a caramel flavored drink with a whip cream on top (the edible printed selfie).  So we give this drink a rating of 1.





  1. Oreo Chocolate Cheesecake


We ordered an Oreo Chocolate Cheesecake as the accompaniment.  Surprisingly, their cheesecake turned out to be delicious. No printed selfie on this dessert since it already has crumbled Oreo toppings.  We liked this one because it is the creamy and real mouth-watering kind of cheesecake.  Although, the crust was thin.  If only  they were more generous with the crust, but overall, the cheesecake itself is superb!


Price:  120.00 PHP

Rating 2






  1. New York Cheesecake


I was craving for another one, the prior cheesecake felt “bitin” since JC and I shared it. As a result, we ordered for another cheesecake.  We have decided to try this flavor instead.  Since this cheesecake is plain, your selfie can be printed on top!  Yeap, there was an additional charge again. 

We ordered this for takeout though; we wanted to avoid the so called “rush hour”.  After arriving, we felt relieved when we saw our selfie still intact and didn’t melt. The taste also creamy If you like taking selfies and eating cheesecakes, get this one!


Price:  100.00 PHP + 20.00 PHP

Rating 3




Besides of the food and beverage, we also have something to say about the:



  1. Ambience


The mall affects the ambience of the café as it’s only a stall at the middle. This means as the crowd bustles and hustles around, you may find it less peaceful than CBTL, Starbucks or Seattle’s Best.



  1. Amenities/facility included:


None, since it is just a stall.



  1. Service:



Their service is average at best. We find the staff friendly. They were concerned with the results of the printed selfie, the quality of their work.  Our first printed selfie looked too orange so they asked us to take another one (without charging us for extra bucks), but we have decided to just use a filter instead to cool down the orange hues and resent the picture.


Rating:  2




  1. Value for Money


The price for their drinks and meals are on the expensive side.


Rating: 2



  1. Location


Second Floor, West Wing of Robinsons Galleria



  1. Overall experience:


  • Do we recommend this café?

Yes, for the selfie addicts there!



  • Will we visit again?


Maybe, if we will get the chance to be at Robinsons Galleria again (since this café is too far from where we live).


  • Rating: 2




Rheneelyn’s Final verdict:
 Visiting this café is ideal for quick meetups and snacks with printed selfies.
JC’s Final Verdict:
Dining here is not advisable as there are more palatable foods available at other cafes—unless you’re a selfie addict, that is.


What to eat (what we recommend based on what we have tried so far):
Oreo Chocolate Cheese cake
New York Cheese Cake





Do you have any questions?  Feel free to leave them in the comment box below.  ^_^


Thank you for reading!  Watch out for more Food Tales posts!!!  Have a great day/night!  😉




Rheneelyn and  JC

5 Facts about Hair Bleaching by IMWY


Hello everyone! ^_^   I am back with this post about hair bleaching. 


Last May, I bleached the mid to end lengths of my hair twice, on different sessions of course.  With such experience, I have decided to share the harsh collective truth when bleaching one’s hair.

Prior to bleaching, my hair was color-treated, is naturally straight, sleek, and fine in type.    

All of the mentioned cons below happened to my hair after bleaching it:




5 Facts about Bleaching by IMWY.png



  1. You have just damaged your hair even more or in the worst way possible.

Because your hair:

  • can become more dry than usual;
  • becomes frizzy;
  • is prone of having more split ends;
  • can easily break, and
  • can easily fall. → (This part is obvious when you look down the floor and your bathroom drainage.)

RIP to the healthiest hair you had!  You have to patiently wait for your healthy hair to grow again.  >_<



  1. You might want to get a trim or more frequent trims after bleaching.


Why? Because of the hair texture that has become porous and fragile causing it to break more often. 

From long (click here) to medium (click here) in length, it took me for about two months before I had the courage to let go and have my hair cut.

Then after a month, I have decided to have it cut again to a bob (click here).  I wanted to get rid of the bleached remnants on my hair.  Even though it didn’t feel dry, it still looked unhealthy.  And I honestly wasn’t happy about it.  



  1. It can be difficult to maintain.



The more damage your hair has become, the more effort you have to put in (to make it look and feel healthy again). 

This kind of hair affair is not a wash and go type.  Expect to spend more time than usual in washing, drying, styling, conditioning, and nourishing your hair. 



  1. The products that you love and apply to your hair (prior to hair bleaching), may not work for you anymore.


 You need something more intense that can nourish your hair to the best that it can, even though your hair has a higher percentage of damage compared to its original state.

Tip: Look for labels that say:

  • for damaged hair
  • repairing
  • hydrating/moisturizing

These are some keywords that can help you choose which hair products are now best suited for your bleached hair.

If the products that you have been using prior to hair bleaching still work for you, then good for you! It’s either you have found yourself a keeper or your hair isn’t as highly damaged as it could be.

  1. You might regret it… but maybe still want to do it again.


It depends if you have become addicted to bleaching.

Or maybe you are no longer open to the idea of bleaching your hair again in the future.

As for me, maybe I will do it again one day… with the mid lengths again.


Have you tried bleaching your hair?  Or are you planning to do so?  Feel free to leave any comments, suggestions or questions in the comment box below.  I’ll be happy to hear anything from you! 😉


Thank you so much for reading!  Have a great day!  😉



Rheneelyn ❤

David’s Salon Haircut Experience (Short Review) by IMWY


Hello everyone!  I am back with this post before September ends.  ^_^

Sorry I’ve been very busy with my classes that I wasn’t able to organize, write, or even schedule some blog posts. But I promise that on October, I will be more active again since I have a two week break period from my classes.  ^_^

Three weeks ago, I had my hair cut at the mentioned salon.  Prior to having it done, I was no longer happy with my medium length hair due to the mid lengths bleached parts, making it still feel and look frizzy, dry, and damaged.  With all the mentioned hair problems, I have decided to had it cut so it would look and feel healthier again.  😉

Branch: SM San Jose Del Monte

Services availed: Haircut and bangs trimming

Price: 200.00 pesos

Rating Guidelines:

1 as Meeeeh! (Dislike/Hate)

2 as Like it!

3 as Love it!


My experience from this salon, enumerated:

  1. Walk-in guest.
  2. Was asked for what service and if I already have a stylist in their salon. I said that I don’t have because it’s my first time to drop by. I was assigned to Ms. Mariel (Muriel?).  I am not sure if I got her name correctly.
  3. I was assisted by Ms. Kristine to shampoo and condition my hair.
  4. I transferred to the seat. I wasn’t aware that there will be a free back massage service. It lasted for 3 or 5 minutes.  Here’s a stolen picture (taken by my boyfriend).


  1. I was then endorsed to the hair stylist for the haircut.  Again, another stolen picture below.


  1. After that, Ms. Kristine came back to blow dry my hair and bangs.
  2. The hairstylist came back to do some follow up cutting with my hair and bangs.

What I like:

  • I was assisted right away.
  • I was a successful walk-in. There was only one customer when I came in, so I didn’t have to wait to be called nor seated.
  • When my hair was being shampooed and conditioned, I love how it wasn’t done quickly (you know, for the sake of just washing the hair before cutting) but in a manner of taking one’s time to fully wash not just the hair but the scalp as well.
  • The place was quiet. There were no loud talking nor laughing noises.  In some salons, you can already hear the other person’s life story even though you are not involved in the conversation.  I am glad that during my visit, such thing didn’t happen.
  • No pushy sales talk of availing other services.
  • The hair stylist assigned to me was professional. She knows to listen on what I want for my hair and delivered it well.  She asked me what kind of cut do I want. “A bob cut and I would like my bangs to be trimmed as well.” I replied. I also added that I want the bleached ends to be cut off too.  I was asked if I want to have side bangs or full.

What I dislike:

The salon (during my visit) was not that clean.  There were still hairs on the chair, floor, and on the mini rack attached to the mirror.  I had to clean the chair by removing some hair of whoever customer sat there before I did.  Of course, I didn’t want to sit on a chair with some hair strands from another customer.

Here’s how my hair looked before I went to the salon.  Sorry for the sleepy face/aura. LOL  XD


On the left side of the collage, (taken from an outdoor setting) you can see how frizzy, damaged, and dry my hair was.  Meanwhile, on the other side, you can see how long my bangs already is to the point of almost poking my eyes.  That was taken in an indoor setting.

Here’s how my hair looks like after the hair cutting session.

Will I recommend this salon?  Yes!

Will I go back in the future? Yes!

Rating for this experience:  I give it a 2.

If only the salon maintained its cleanliness, I would have given it a 3.  But I still have an open mind to come back to the mentioned branch next time.

Thank you so much for reading!  Have a great day!  🙂


Rheneelyn ❤

Current Foundation Products by IMWY


Disclaimer:  The statements below are from my true personal experiences and observations while using these products.  This post is not sponsored nor was I paid to write this.  Any other statements are my suggestions to others who might be interested in using or buying the mentioned products.



Hi there!  I would like to share my current foundation products as of this early August 2016 with short reviews on each.  ^_^







Rating Guidelines:

1 as Meeeeh! (Dislike/Hate)

2 as Like it!

3 as Love it!

For reference, my skin type is dry-sensitive


  1. L’Oréal ParisTrue Match Liquid Foundation


L'Oreal Paris True Match Liquid Foundation by IMWY


ShadeG1 Gold Ivory


CoverageLight to Medium


Product Claims


5 Matching pigments conditioned to the color structure of Asian skin tone.


Ultra-fine pigments refine and smooth skin inch by inch.


Ultra-gliding texture infused with oil, cocoons skin with sublime comfort.


What I like:

  • looks great when you are being photographed or taking selfies;
  • it’s flash photography friendly too, and
  • looks great if you have dry skin since it gives a dewy finish.


What I dislike:

  • The shimmers in the foundation, and
  • how the shimmers transfer.

Repurchase?                 Not sure.

Recommend?                Yes.

Rating:  2



  1. L’Oréal ParisTrue Match GENIUS  4-IN-1 Primer + Foundation + Concealer + Powder



L'Oreal Paris True Match Genius by IMWY



ShadeG2 Gold Porcelain

Finish: Satin

Coverage: Light to Medium


Product Claims

Smoothes skin surface like a primer, for a never before velvety finish

Glides and unifies like a fluid foundation, thanks to innovative ultra-gliding texture

Covers imperfection like a concealer, for 100% flawless skin canvass

Finishes like a refined powder, for 12H lasting perfection


Dermatologically tested/suitable all skin types/non comedogenic


What I like:        

  • Has SPF 26/PA+++.
  • Has a built in mirror.
  • Has a separate area for the free sponge.
  • How it “glides like a dream” (a Wayne Goss expression) on my face even without using any primer (before applying this product).
  • No allergic reactions.


What I dislike:

  • Doesn’t conceal my dark under eye circles well. A separate concealer product is still a must.
  • Can look cakey on the face when the skin is dry so make sure that the face is well moisturized.
  • Only covers minor redness and blemishes.


Repurchase?             Yes!


Yes!  I recommend it for:

  • lazy days but you still want to put makeup on even when you have to go out,
  • I am running late” kind of situation but still want to put makeup on,
  • for minimalists, and
  • for traveling (since you can save more space for other makeup products).





The picture below shows you the swatches of the two mentioned products:



L'Oreal Paris True Match Liquid Foundation and Genius Swatches by IMWY



I don’t know if you’ve noticed that I have two different shades.  That’s because my skin looks extra pale during the rainy season (like now) here in the Philippines so I have a darker shade to complement it.  I used the lighter shade during the summer season.

I hope that this two in one review has helped you.  Have you tried any of these products?  How was your experience?

Feel free to leave any comments, suggestions or questions in the comment box below.


Thank you so much for reading!  Have a great day!  ^_^






PS:  If we have the same skin type, please comment a foundation brand that you can recommend for me to try.  Thank you! 😉